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Introduction to the FairCom PHP API

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is a widely-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development. FairCom’s FairCom DB PHP module allows you to access the powerful FairCom DB SQL database from your PHP projects.

The FairCom DB package provides two types FairCom DB PHP drivers, each in its own directory:

drivers\php.sql - This is the preferred way to access FairCom DB from PHP

  • These drivers support PHP 7 using the PDO (PHP Data Object) extension.
  • See FairCom DB PHP PDO for documentation.

drivers\php.sql - This is provided for PHP 5

  • These drivers support PHP 5.
  • Instructions are provided for using the FairCom DB ODBC interface to connect to later versions of PHP (PHP 4, PHP 5, and PHP 7).
  • See FairCom DB PHP for documentation.


  • Using PHP 5 with the sql.php API - Using the native PHP API designed specifically for interfacing with PHP 5.x.x. It does not support later versions of PHP.
  • Using PHP with ODBC - An older method of accessing the c-tree database from PHP is via ODBC. This method should be considered deprecated.
  • Tutorials - Learn first-hand how easy it is to use c-treeACE PHP in your PHP 5 application.
  • c-treeACE PHP ( - View the manual online for a list of c-treeACE PHP functions and programming techniques.
  • Administrator's Guide ( - Learn about configuration, monitoring, backups, etc.


  • Database Integrity Utilities ( - Command-Line administrative tools
  • Web Browser-Based Tools ( - Conveniently run these graphical tools from your web browser