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FairCom C# Stored Procedures

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Introduction to .NET Stored Procedures

SQL stored procedures and triggers are an easy and powerful way to move advanced logic into your server core, protecting investments in performance-sensitive processing while maintaining a centrally managed approach for long-term maintenance. Stored procedures fully encapsulate business logic for business rule enforcement. Triggers maintain database integrity directly at the database server level.

You can program your procedure in C# or any other Microsoft Windows .NET language. Seamlessly remain in your .NET environment while developing advanced server-side processing logic. With Visual Studio integration, it is easy to create, debug, and deploy your C# stored procedure code remotely. Your assemblies are deployed alongside FairCom DB SQL with a click of a mouse.

.NET stored procedures are available on Windows only. For cross-platform development, FairCom also supports stored procedures written in Java. See Java Stored Procedures.

FairCom stored procedure support also includes command-line utilities for deploying stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers. These utilities are described in the FairCom DB SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers manual.