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FairCom DB SQL offers the ability to set a session (connection) timeout. The value of this timeout can be different from the one set at ISAM or c-treeRTG level.

The rationale behind this feature is that ISAM access is used by the application, which may need to stay connected, whereas SQL is often used outside the application (e.g., for third-party reporting and analytics). Unexpectedly long-running SQL connections can be released without impacting applications connection timeouts.

  • Values of 0 or less are considered "no timeout."
  • Values between 1 and 5 are rounded up internally to 5 as is done by the SESSION_TIMEOUT keyword.
  • If both SQL_SESSION_TIMEOUT and SESSION_TIMEOUT are specified in ctsrvr.cfg, SQL_SESSION_TIMEOUT takes precedence over SESSION_TIMEOUT for SQL sessions.