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where <log_size> is the log size in bytes. A suffix KB, MB, or GB can be used.

FairCom DB SQL Server limits the size of the SQL log file sql_server.log. When a write to sql_server.log exceeds a configured size limit, the log file is renamed sql_server.bak and a new sql_server.log file is created.

This limit is set using the configuration option SQL_SERVER_LOG_SIZE in ctsrvr.cfg. It can be set at runtime using the ctadmn utility.

Example 1:

; 1 MB limit


Example 2:

; 200,000,000 byte limit


Using ctadmn

ctadmn options are:

10. Change Server Settings

10. Change the specified configuration option

Enter the configuration option and its value >>

At this point, enter the desired value, such as: sql_server_log_size 50 mb

Using ctSETCFG()

See SetSystemConfigurationOption().

The syntax using ctSETCFG() is:


where value is the maximum log size of the sql_server.log file. The value defaults to bytes, or a suffix of KB, MB, or GB can be used.


The default is 32 MB. The maximum size is 2 GB ‑ 1. Specifying a value of zero disables the limit. Specifying a non‑zero value that is less than 64 KB sets the limit to 64 KB.

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