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ctsqlmdd - FairCom DB SQL Merge Database Utility

It is necessary at times to move a FairCom DB SQL database from one system to another. This can involve path changes which need to be reflected in the session and database dictionaries. The FairCom DB SQL Move Database Utility can be used to simplify this process. This utility allows you to specify target and destination FairCom DB SQL from which the database dictionary will be moved and/or updated.


ctsqlmdd svn [-u uid] [-p upw] [-S svn] [-U uid] [-P upw] [-n sect]


  • svn: source FairCom DB SQL name (may be "local" for direct access)
  • -u uid: user name on source server
  • -p upw: user password on source server
  • -S svn: destination FairCom DB SQL Server name
  • -U uid: user name on destination server
  • -P upw: user password on destination

FairCom DB SQL uses the c-treeDB API database API to generate and maintain the session and database dictionaries necessary to maintain FairCom DB SQL relational databases. (The c-treeDB API functions, ctdbMergeSessionDictionary() and ctdbMergeDatabaseDictionary(), provide the core functionality for this utility.)

The source code for this utility, ctsqlmdd.c, demonstrates a generic implementation of the activities needed to achieve a session and/or database merge between systems. For precise applications, or to embed these activities into an application, the user is invited to view and inspect this source code example.