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Import Utility Callback Architecture

Each time a table is imported into FairCom DB SQL, the import utility will try to load an import utility dynamic callback library.

Note: For Windows systems, the dynamic callback library is called ctsqlimp.dll. For Unix based systems, the dynamic callback library is named libctsqlimp with a filename extention appropriate to that operating system's default shared library conventions (.so, .sl., .dynlib, etc.).

The diagram below depicts the relationship of the import utility with the callback library and its configuration file:

If the callback library is not located, the import utility proceeds normally with the table import process. No errors are reported since the presence of the dynamic library is not required for normal import utility operations.

If the callback library is located and loaded, the following steps are taken:

  1. The ctsqlcbk.ini configuration file is loaded and parsed.
  2. The appropriate c-treeDB API callbacks are established.
  3. The import utility continues if no errors are reported.
  4. The configuration file is the same used by FairCom DB SQL and it is described in detail in the FairCom DB SQL callback configuration file section.