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How to specify MYTIME field translation

A MYTIME field, i.e. a CT_INT4 field used to store the MYTIME data, should be declared in the configuration file as a CT_TIMES field type.

For example, in the nmalert table the modwhen field is an MYTIME field type. The definition of the modwhen field in the configuration file should have a field type of CT_TIMES.

Conversion Example


field = number, CT_FSTRING, 10

field = seq, CT_INT2, 2

field = modwhen, CT_TIMES, 8

field = modby, CT_INT2, 2

field = code, CT_FSTRING, 5

index = 12, 2

segment = number, 2

segment = seq, 8

index = 13, 2

segment = code, 2

When the callback sees a table declared in the configuration file with a DODA field of type CT_INT4 and a field definition of CT_TIMES in the configuration file, it automatically performs the data translation between the C RTL time functions and the FairCom DB SQL time stamp data type.