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Important Observations

  • The index rebuilding phase occurs even if you have not defined any indexes or keys on your tables as the utility updates internal indexes (ROWID and RECBYT) necessary for FairCom DB SQL.
  • By default, records are moved across two tables, field by field, for fields with matching names. Fields in the destination table that do not have a matching field in the source table are set to NULL.
  • Type conversion support is only between variable and fixed strings (both directions). However, this behavior can be changed by implementing the fmap member in the Migration Info structure as described later.
  • If the original table is a table created with c-treeDB API and contains a ROWID field, that value is maintained in the destination table.
  • If the utility fails with error CTDB_INTERNAL (4025), the destination table may be corrupt and should be recovered from a backup or recreated.
  • The c-tree standalone, single user model with transaction processing is used by this utility.
  • A default 50MB buffer is used for rebuilding operations. Using as much memory as you have available will increase the speed of the data migration.