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Key Steps

These steps assume you will keep you existing standard FairCom Server directory untouched and intact. You should always back up all of your existing data and configuration files before upgrading to any new FairCom Server to ensure complete data integrity.

  1. Log off all clients and shut down an existing standard FairCom Server if it is running.
  2. Restart the server with no clients attached, and then shut down again. This ensures automatic recovery has taken place, and the c-tree data files are in a clean state.
  3. Copy your ctsqlimp utility into your FairCom DB SQL directory.
  4. Copy your data file(s) into your FairCom DB SQL directory.
  5. Start FairCom DB SQL.
  6. Use the ctsqlimp utility. This allows you to automatically build the tables you require based on your existing data files.

    Note: Your server must be up and running to run this utility.

    Type the following at the command line:

    ctsqlimp yourdatafile.dat -u ADMIN -a ADMIN -s FAIRCOMS