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c-treeACE SQL Operations and Utilities Guide


c-treeACE SQL Server is a superset of the powerful c-treeACE ISAM server providing an industry-standard SQL interface into your c-tree data. With this advanced interface comes many additional options for SQL-specific performance tuning and data handling.

Keep in mind that c-treeACE ISAM is the core data-handling engine and nearly all of the options for tuning c-treeACE ISAM performance and operation apply to c-treeACE SQL. This manual presents a comprehensive description of configuration options, utilities, and practices unique to the FairCom c-treeACE SQL Server.

Consult your nearest FairCom office should you have questions or need additional information about any of the options available. FairCom is committed to providing high performance technology in an engineering level product. Let us work with you to tailor a solution for your exact and demanding needs!