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extern ctCONV NINT ctDECL ctGetBackgroundLoadStatus(COUNT datno,pTEXT loadid,ppBGLDRES ppbgldres,pNINT preslen);


  • [IN] datno - c-tree data file number.
  • [IN] loadid - If not NULL, specifies the ID of one background load operation whose information the caller wants to retrieve.
  • [IN,OUT] ppbgldldres - If *ppbgldres is not NULL, *preslen must be set to the size of this buffer. If the buffer is sufficiently large, the function writes the resource data to that address and sets *preslen to the amount of data written.

    If *ppbgldres is NULL, the function allocates a sufficiently-sized buffer to hold the resource data and sets *preslen to the size of the buffer. The caller is responsible for freeing this buffer by calling mbfree(). Note that in this case we allocate the entry with space for an additional BGLDINF structure so that the caller can add its entry to this buffer if desired.

  • [IN,OUT] preslen - Size of the input or allocated resource buffer. See the description of the ppbgldres parameter above for more details.


ctGetBackgroundLoadStatus() reads the resource that contains the status of all background index and record update callback load operations for the specified data file.

Note: The Full-Text Index must be committed before it can be used. An FTI cannot be created and dropped in the same transaction.

Return Values


Symbolic Constant




Successful operation.

See c-tree Plus Error Codes for a complete listing of valid c-tree Plus error values.

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