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FairCom DB Files to Include for a Successful Backup Strategy

A FairCom DB SQL dictionary is composed of several files. You will need to back up all of these files if you want to be able to restore the entire SQL dictionary from your backup. By backing up the correct set of files, you will be able to do a full restore and have your SQL dictionary ready-to-go.

The following files need to be backed up if you want to be able to restore the entire SQL dictionary:

  • ctdbdict.fsd
  • *.dat in the ctreeSQL.dbs folder
  • *.idx in the ctreeSQL.dbs folder
  • ctreeSQL.fdd in ctreeSQL.dbs\SQL_SYS

The !FILES (!FILES, !FILES) section of your dynamic dump script will look like this:








More generally, the following files are FairCom internal files that need to be included in backups to allow recovery to function without SKIP_MISSING_FILES YES (in the event these files are changed during the backup interval):

  • ctdbdict.fsd
  • *.dbs\SQL_SYS\*.fdd
  • REPLSTATE*.FCS (created on the target server by the Replication Agent)

Testing the Backup

The following test should demonstrate that you have backed up everything you need:

  1. Use the dynamic dump utility, ctdump (ctdump - Schedule Backup Utility, Submit Backup Utility), to back up your files into SYSTEM.BAK.

    The !FILES (!FILES, !FILES) section of your dynamic dump script should include the entries shown earlier.

  2. Shut down your FairCom Server and rename your C:\<faircom>\server\data folder to a new (unused) folder name, such as data.old:


  3. Create a new data folder and copy the following files to this location:



    Your backup script (the text file that contains the !FILES section shown above)

  4. Run ctrdmp (FairCom Database Restore Guide, FairCom Database Restore Guide) to restore your files in place.
  5. Now start your FairCom Server and connect using FairCom DB Explorer. You should be able to see your restored SQL tables.