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Dynamic dump !REPLICATE

Enables replication of the files specified by the !FILES (!FILES, !FILES) command, including a superfile host and its members.

You can enable replication on one or more files during your dynamic dump "hot" backup operation. This allows an easy way to begin syncing files between systems.

A dynamic dump script can specify the !REPLICATE option in the !FILES section to instruct the dynamic dump to enable replication support for the files whose names follow the !REPLICATE option. Replication is commenced after the dynamic dump has achieved a quiet transaction state. As are other files listed in the !FILE section, these files are also backed up by the dynamic dump. For example, the following script will cause the dynamic dump to enable replication for the file test2.dat if it does not already have replication enabled:

!DUMP mybackup.fcd









If enabling replication fails for any file, the dynamic dump logs an error message to CTSTATUS.FCS and terminates. Possible causes of such an error include:

  1. Specifying the name of a non-ctree file or a file that does not meet the requirements for replication after the !REPLICATE keyword.
  2. If a file is open in exclusive mode at the time of the dump, the dynamic dump is not able to enable replication for the file.