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Starting FairCom DB the First Time

Before we cover the actual process of starting the FairCom Server, there are a few points to make about the Administrator’s first-time duties:

  1. If the vendor has supplied an (optional) encrypted settings file, ctsrvr.set, ensure it is in the location specified in the vendor’s installation documentation. The settings file is not user-configurable. See FairCom DB Configuration Options for more information.
  2. See if there is a FairCom Server configuration file, ctsrvr.cfg. If so, verify the file contents, change it if necessary, and prepare it to run when the FairCom Server starts. See Configuring the FairCom Server for details.
  3. Change the Administrator’s password to protect future access to the FairCom Server and access to Administrator utilities. Use the Administrator Utility described in FairCom Server Administrator Utility.

    Note: Initially, the FairCom Server recognizes only one user, who is intended to be the Administrator. This “super user” has the unchangeable User ID name of ADMIN and the initial password of ADMIN. Administrator functions can be run by anyone with knowledge of the Administrator User ID and password. The first thing to do is to change the initial password and keep the new password secure. The steps to change the password are described in FairCom DB Server Administrator Utility.

  4. Set up initial User IDs so users can log on to the FairCom Server. Use the Administrator Utility, described in FairCom Server Administrator Utility.