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In unusual situations, index reconstruction during automatic recovery could fail with error LOPN_ERR (96) due to a missing transaction log (e.g., L*.FCS). Starting with FairCom DB V11.5, it is possible to use the configuration option TRANIDX_LOPN_ERR_CONTINUE to allow automatic recovery to continue by adding this keyword to ctsrvr.cfg and restarting the FairCom DB Server process.

If recovery then completes successfully, the only issues caused by the missing transaction log was an inability for the FairCom DB Server to properly update an index node on disk.

In this case, the data files under transaction logging control (e.g., with file mode ctTRNLOG) are fully intact, and only the indexes need to be rebuilt to ensure the data and index files are fully in sync. Note, this is expected to be an unusual situation and FairCom recommends using extreme caution with this keyword. FairCom does not recommend enabling this keyword by default. It should only be enabled when required to recover from a catastrophic situation.

To use this option, add TRANIDX_LOPN_ERR_CONTINUE to ctsrvr.cfg. When this option forces the automatic recovery to continue, the following message is logged to CTSTATUS.FCS:

WARNING: tranidx could not open previous log file: 96

Upon completion of automatic recovery in this situation, the following message is logged to CTSTATUS.FCS, and FairCom DB Server terminates with error 571 to indicate to the administrator that all indexes should be rebuilt:

NOTE: tranidx continued without required logs. Recovery completed but index rebuild is required.

Automatic recovery terminated with error: 571

If the automatic recovery does NOT complete successfully after adding this keyword, then the missing transaction log is preventing FairCom DB from being able to successfully recover from the catastrophic situation and a backup should be used to restore the data to a known state.