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Reader/writer lock support for Windows systems was implemented, and the mutex on the memory file hash lists was changed to a reader/writer lock when this support is enabled at compile time.

When the c-tree Server starts up on a Windows system, it checks if the system supports reader/writer lock functions. If so, it uses the system's reader/writer lock functions. If not, it uses c-tree's reader/writer lock functions. This option can be used to force FairCom DB to use custom reader/writer lock support instead of Windows' reader/writer lock support even if the Windows system supports reader/writer locks, for example, older versions not supporting this synchronization technique.

The following CTSTATUS.FCS messages are logged indicating the supported reader/writer locks:

c-tree reader/writer lock support enabled (keyword specified)

c-tree reader/writer lock support enabled (no O/S support)

Windows native reader/writer lock support enabled