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LMT_MEMORY <limit>

Sets the maximum size for a single allocation using the FairCom DB memory suballocator. If this limit is exceeded a message is output to CTSTATUS.FCS and a NULL memory pointer is returned.

Default: 2GB

Note: A terr(7491) occurs and an informative message is sent to CTSTATUS.FCS.

In FairCom DB V11 and later:

Prior to this modification, FairCom Server's LMT_MEMORY configuration option defaulted to 128MB, meaning that a single memory allocation could not exceed 128MB. However, this limit restricted the size of variable-length records from FairCom Server and limited the amount of memory that could be allocated with the RECOVER_MEMLOG recovery option.

This limit has been disabled by default. If LMT_MEMORY is not specified, FairCom Server does not place a limit on the size of a single memory allocation. If desired, LMT_MEMORY can be specified in ctsrvr.cfg setting a desired maximum allocation size.

Note: This modification results in a behavior change.

This change also applies to standalone mode: #define ctMEMLMT is set to zero by default, meaning no memory allocation size limit. If desired, FairCom DB can be compiled with ctMEMLMT defined to a non-zero value.