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Enables transaction log templates. <n> is the number of log templates for the server to maintain. A value of 0 means no use of log templates. A value of two (2) means that two blank logs (L0000002.FCT and L0000003.FCT) would be created at first server startup in addition to the template (L0000000.FCT). Log templates have been on by default since V9.

Before enabling log templates on a system that did not have them turned on, any existing transaction logs must be deleted so the server can create the log templates. To do this, shut down the server cleanly and delete Lnnnnnnn.FCS, S0000000.FCS, and S0000001.FCS. When the server is restarted after adding this keyword, initial startup may take longer due to creation of template log files (*.FCT), however, using the templates will result in better performance in high transaction volume environments.

Default: 2

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