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ITIM_RETRY_DEFER <defer_time>

Introduces a delay before internally retrying an ISAM record read operation when an ITIM_ERR (160) is encountered. <defer_time> specifies the time in milliseconds for which the server sleeps a thread that encounters error ITIM_ERR during an ISAM record read operation before retrying the ISAM record read operation. As before, the maximum number of ITIM_ERR retries for a particular ISAM record read operation is determined by the ITIM_RETRY_LIMIT configuration option.

ITIM_RETRY_DEFER -1 disables the delay between ITIM_ERR retries.


If you frequently encounter ISAM record read operations failing with error ITIM_ERR, consider what the error code is revealing about your application’s design: if you properly use record locking, ITIM_ERR can still occur if many users are updating the same records in sequence (that is, each of a number of threads reads the record with a lock, updates the record--changing the key value--and unlocks the record). In this case, increasing the ITIM_RETRY_LIMIT and ITIM_RETRY_DEFER settings can help avoid the ITIM_ERR errors, however, this may be at the expense of application performance, by introducing additional retries and delays between retries. In such a situation, consider ways to change the application to reduce the number of users that are attempting to update the same records at the same time.

Default: -1

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