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CHKPDFC_LOG_LIMIT <max logs w/o checkpoint>

Ordinarily, several checkpoints are expected within each FairCom Server transaction log file and the FairCom Server would terminate with error CHKP_ERR (529) when two consecutive log files without these checkpoints were encountered. The FairCom Server has been modified with respect to this absence of checkpoints. This keyword permits additional log files to be written without checkpoints. A short wait is introduced for each non-checkpoint log write, allowing a checkpoint to occur and resolving any possible race conditions.

CHKPDFC_LOG_LIMIT specifies how many consecutive logs may be processed without a checkpoint until the FairCom Server terminates. The default number of transaction logs is five log files and this may be lowered to as few as four log files or raised to any reasonable limit.

Once the checkpoint deficiency reaches two logs, the first write of each transaction commit to the transaction logs is slightly deferred. This improves the chances that the FairCom Server checkpoint thread is allotted a slice of time. Once the checkpoint is eventually written, this write log defer is removed.