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Monitoring FairCom DB

The FairCom Server tracks and reports a wealth of performance-oriented statistics. The server's performance snapshot capability enables the capture of performance monitoring data using a combination of configuration file options and the SnapShot FairCom DB API function. The performance data can be captured automatically at specified intervals or on demand in the following ways:

  • The ctstat utility provides a command-line interface to the SnapShot API function, supporting output of statistics at the FairCom Server system, user, file, and function levels.
  • Configuration file options support automatic performance snapshots by specifying the interval between automatic snapshots and the contents of the snapshots. The performance data captured by automatic snapshots is written to the FairCom Server system event log (SYSLOG) files.
  • Use DIAGNOSTICS options to capture the automatic system snapshot data to the human-readable SNAPSHOT.FCS file.
  • The SnapShot API function can control automatic snapshots, override configuration options (if any), and capture on-demand performance data. Captured data can be sent to:
    • SYSLOG files
    • the human-readable SNAPSHOT.FCS file
    • the calling program

The following sections discuss how to use the performance monitoring abilities of the FairCom Server.

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