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FairCom Server Status Monitoring Utility, ctsysm

The FairCom Server status monitoring utility, ctsysm, facilitates the monitoring of error, warning, and informational messages logged to the server status log, CTSTATUS.FCS, by FairCom DB. Using this utility, the FairCom Server status log can be monitored by an automated external process.

Using a customizable configuration file, the ctsysm utility provides:

  • A well-defined format for server messages to make them readable by automated systems
  • Additional context as to whether the message is an error or purely an informational message
  • The FairCom Server subsystem that is involved
  • A recommended action

The following diagram shows a conceptual view of the operation of the ctsysm utility:

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Using the ctsysm Utility

ctsysm Configuration File

ctsysm Configuration File Sample