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When activated, the DIAGNOSTICS TRAP_COMM keyword instructs the FairCom Server to log incoming communications packets to TRAPCOMM.FCS prior to execution. This log can be played back using the cttrap utility and a debug build of the FairCom Server to observe the results of the client requests, allowing the developer to exactly duplicate and repeat client activities. The trap file, TRAPCOMM.FCS, is created in the server directory by default. To prepend a path onto the trap file name (say to route it to a separate disk), add an entry of the form DIAGNOSTIC_STR <trap file path>. For example, if DIAGNOSTIC_STR /bigdisk/ were in the configuration file, then the trap file would be /bigdisk/TRAPCOMM.FCS.


  • A fresh TRAMCOMM.FCS file is created on each server startup and wipes out any existing one.
  • TRAPCOMM.FCS isn't completely flushed until the server shuts down, thus it may appear empty until then.

Default: Disabled

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