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Specifies the size of sort buffers used by the FairCom Server. To conserve memory, set this value to 8192 or 4096. If large amounts of memory are available, the value can be increased significantly beyond the default. This value must be less than the maximum segment size in segmented architectures.

The SORT_MEMORY keyword specifies the memory size in bytes and can use the MB and GB keywords (unlike MAX_K_TO_USE).

The maximum SORT_MEMORY value is:

  • 4 TB - 1 for 64-bit FairCom DB
  • 4 GB - 1 for 32-bit FairCom DB

As the SORT_MEMORY option is more intuitive, its use is recommended over MAX_K_TO_USE. (MAX_K_TO_USE remains available for backward compatibility). If both SORT_MEMORY and MAX_K_TO_USE are specified in ctsrvr.cfg, only the one that is specified last in the configuration file takes effect.

Default: 100 MB

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