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Note: This configuration option has been deprecated as of FairCom DB V9.3 and later. LOCAL_DIRECTORY (LOCAL_DIRECTORY, LOCAL_DIRECTORY) is now the preferred keyword to allow the server to store data and files in an alternative location.

To avoid potential problems with the use of this option, it has been disabled. When this option is specified in ctsrvr.cfg, the c-tree Server fails to start and displays the following message:

The SERVER_DIRECTORY option is no longer supported.

Use the LOCAL_DIRECTORY option instead.

The message is logged to CTSTATUS.FCS. On Unix systems it is also written to standard output and on Windows systems it is displayed in a dialog box when the c-tree Server is not running as a Windows service.

Relocating Transaction Logs

Use these configuration keywords to relocate transaction logs if this has been the purpose of using this keyword in the past:





These configuration options can include an environment variable name that will be substituted with its value when the configuration file is read.

Legacy Notes

The SERVER_DIRECTORY option was one of two mutually exclusive ways to supply the name of a directory path the FairCom DB Server used when processing all files not having absolute names (i.e., absolute names include a specific volume or drive reference as part of the name). For example, d:\fairserv\data\ (the trailing slash was required). The other option, LOCAL_DIRECTORY (LOCAL_DIRECTORY, LOCAL_DIRECTORY), is now the preferred keyword to allow the server to store data and files in an alternative location.

If a SERVER_DIRECTORY name was defined in the configuration script, the name was attached to the beginning of any file name that was not absolute. If no SERVER_DIRECTORY or LOCAL_DIRECTORY name was supplied, all database and system files were stored relative to the FairCom DB Server working directory. SERVER_DIRECTORY and LOCAL_DIRECTORY cannot be used together. SERVER_DIRECTORY did not affect the location of the FairCom DB Server Status log, the transaction log files, or the start files.

Note: The SERVER_DIRECTORY, unlike LOCAL_DIRECTORY, became part of the file name. The name entered into the transaction log included the SERVER_DIRECTORY.

Default: Server working directory

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