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CHECKPOINT_IDLE <# of seconds | -1>

Specifies the time in seconds between checkpoint checks. A checkpoint is an entry in the transaction log which lists open files, active transactions and transactions that are vulnerable due to pending buffer flushes. By default, every 300 seconds the FairCom Server checks if there has been any transaction activity, and if so, if there are any current active transactions. If there has been activity since the last checkpoint, but there is currently no active transaction, a checkpoint occurs. This strategy will not create extra checkpoints when the FairCom Server is idle, with respect to transactions, or when the FairCom Server is busy with transactions.

It is important to note that if an application routinely calls Begin() whether or not updates are imminent, this “idle” checkpoint will be inhibited because there appears to be an active transaction. The purpose of this feature is to increase the likelihood of a clean checkpoint occurring in the transaction log, thus speeding automatic recovery. Ordinarily, checkpoints occur at predetermined intervals in the transaction log. A value of negative one (-1) will disable the idle checkpoint feature.

Default: 300