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ctfdmp - Forward Roll Utility

Operational Model:

  • Standalone


Used to restore data to a given time following a ctrdmp restore.

ctfdmp takes an optional !RP <name> argument to set the point in time to stop the forward roll. This argument is also used by the ctrdmp script option, as described in Rollback to New Restore Points with ctrdmp. To incrementally roll forward from there, rename the previous RSTPNT_CHKPNT*.FCS to S0000001.FCS (the start point for the ctfdmp), and supply a new !RP and transaction logs. More information on the !RP <name> can be found here: ctfdmp - Forward Roll Utility

Note: The ! prefix needs to be escaped when using the Unix Bash shell.

Environment Variable for Advanced Encryption Password

If this utility has advanced encryption enabled, it can read an encrypted password file instead of being prompted to enter the master password. To enable this, set the environment variable CTREE_MASTER_KEY_FILE to the name of the encrypted master password file.

ctfdmp accepts !RECOVER_DETAILS for additional progress notifications diagnostic output.

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