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Extended 8-byte data file creation.

Short Name



Low-Level 8-byte data file function


COUNT CreateDataFileXtd8(FILNO datno, pTEXT filnam, UCOUNT datlen,

UCOUNT xtdsiz, COUNT filmod, LONG permmask, pTEXT groupid,

pTEXT fileword, pXCREblk pxcreblk)


In V12 the file number typedef was formally changed from COUNT, a two-byte value to FILNO, a four-byte value. Refer to this link for compatibility details. Four Byte File Numbering

CreateDataFileXtd8() is a variation of CreateDataFile() that permits the use of huge file support. This section expands on the description of CreateDataFile() and CreateDataFileXtd().

pxcreblk points to a XCREblk structure, the extended creation block. For more information, review Huge File Support.


CreateDataFileXtd8() returns similar error codes to those for CreateDataFile() and CreateDataFileXtd(). See FairCom DB Error Codes for a complete listing of valid FairCom DB error values.

See also

InitCTree, CreateIndexFile, CreateDataFile, CreateDataFileXtd