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Compresses a data file, then rebuilds to regenerate the indexes.

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Extended ISAM function for files with extended header support


COUNT CompactIFileXtd8(pIFIL ifilptr, pTEXT dataextn,

pTEXT indxextn, LONG permmask,

pTEXT groupid, pTEXT fileword,pXCREblk pxcreblk )


CompactIFileXtd8() is the extended version of CompactIFile() permitting the use of the FairCom DB security system and adds extended header support (pxcreblk).

In addition, it can be used to change the file name extension from the defaults used by CompactIFile(). The period is not assumed in the extensions. For example, to name the data file fname.dta, set dataextn to .dta, not dta.

pxcreblk points to an array of XCREblk structures, the extended creation block, one for each physical file in ifilptr. For more information, review Huge File Support.

Note: Memory files can not have ctTRNLOG mode applied or CreateIFileXtd8() fails with error 749 (bad parameter). Be sure to adjust any IFIL definitions.

Please review CompactIFile() and RebuildIFileXtd() descriptions for additional information.


A zero (0) return indicates successful operation. A non-zero return indicates an error, check isam_err. The error returns are similar to OpenCtFile() and CompactIFileXtd(). See FairCom DB Error Codes for additional error explanations.


Same as CompactIFileXtd().

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