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Resource Records Detected

Several common API calls request resource information, such as DODA and alternative collating sequences, from the FairCom Server. Ordinarily, these requests are only made once after a file is opened. However, an application that frequently opens and closes a file repeats these requests. A file which has explicitly disabled resources, file mode on create includes ctDISABLERES, is automatically detected so the information is not requested, reducing network traffic.

Automatic DODA requests to process record information can be reduced or eliminated, independent of ctDISABLERES, by turning on the USERPRF_NDATA user profile bit, explicitly disabling automatic record transformations in heterogeneous environments. Disabling automatic record transformation is only desirable when performing your own record level byte flipping or your record structures contain no numeric data, (i.e., LONG, FLOAT, . . .). See InitISAMXtd for additional information on user profile bits.