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Plug-Ins and Callbacks Extend the FairCom Database Engine

FairCom's V12 Release introduces a brand new ability to extend their functionality with advanced modular capabilities. Using a new plug‑in architecture advanced features can be quickly dropped in and independently configured plug-ins are provided as a shared object and companion configuration file. Each plug-in is usually self-contained in its own unique folder for organization. All plug-in configurations are collected under a single configuration folder.

Several plug‑ins are provided by default. Provided plug-ins include:

  1. HTTP web services
  2. MQTT message services
  3. REST API services
  4. OPC communication protocols for Industrial IoT (IIoT) services
  5. UA communication interface for IIoT services
  6. PTC ThingsWorx® IIoT integration
  7. PTC ThingWorx® AlwaysOn IIoT protocols

Provided plug-ins are not enabled by default to maximize security. FairCom-provided Plug‑ins are securely implemented; however, they can increase the attack surface by possibly opening additional network ports and listening across alternative communication protocols.

Plug-ins are enabled as needed in your standard FairCom configuration file, ctsrvr.cfg. Each Plug-in is individually enabled with a configuration line that includes its configured name and shared object location.


; Plugins

PLUGIN cthttpd;./web/cthttpd.dll

PLUGIN ctagent;./agent/ctagent.dll

The ctsrvr.cfg configuration file is now located in <faircom>\server\config (this location is optional and existing locations are supported for full backward compatibility).

Learn More:

The FairCom Database Engine ships with several plug-ins that can be used to integrate with it with applications using MQTT, Node-RED, Node.js, etc. These plug-ins can be used with any FairCom product: FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and c-treeRTG.

Because some of these plug-ins are primarily meant for an IoT environment (e.g., ThingWorx), they are discussed in the FairCom Edge Developer's Guide. For more information on these plug-ins, see Supported Plug-ins in the FairCom Edge Developer's Guide.