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Supported Plug-ins

FairCom Edge integrates with many products and communication protocols, including the MQTT message queue protocol, ThingWorx, OPC UA protocol, etc.

This chapter provides documentation for the supported tools, protocols, and APIs for accessing the FairCom Edge. If you don’t see support for a tool, protocol or API that is needed for your environment, please contact your nearest FairCom office. FairCom Edge is designed to be extended. FairCom can deliver new general use plug-ins as part of the FairCom Edge. FairCom Professional Services can also build custom plug-ins for your unique needs. You can build your own plug-ins and FairCom Support is available to help.

This chapter also provides information explaining how the FairCom Edge uses Plug-ins to provide extendable, modular support for these platforms and it explains how to configure the HTTP Plug-in for secure communication.

Be sure to see the Tutorials chapter for information on how to use each of the supported plug-ins.

In This Chapter


Configuring the Application Server

ThingWorx AlwaysOn Connector

MQTT Plug-in

Using Node-RED with MQTT

Using Node-RED with FairCom Edge

Using Node.js with FairCom Edge

REST API Plug-in

OPC UA Plug-in