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Implementing partitioned files requires a FairCom DB library with partition capabilities and Extended files with the ctPARTAUTO extended file mode. To implement partitioned files:

  1. Activate the partitioned files capabilities at compile time with the ctPARTITION define. This define is on by default, provided the ctHUGEFILE, RESOURCE, CTS_ISAM, and ctCONDIDX defines are in place. Check ctree.mak/ctoptn.h and ctopt2.h for the current settings.
  2. To create a partitioned file (using the default partition naming, partition rule, and maximum number of partitions), simply create an Extended file with ctPARTAUTO in the x8mode parameter of the Xtd8 extended file creation block. Partitioned files do not have to be HUGE unless the logical file size will exceed the 2GB/4GB limit, but they do require the extended header, i.e., they are Extended files.

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