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Returns information for multiple connections in a single call.


NINT ctGetConnectionInfo(NINT versn,pctCONINF pconninfo,pNINT pnconnections);


When retrieving connection information for many connected c-tree clients, FairCom DB Monitor could take a very long time to return. The bulk of this time was spent in client-by-client connection returns. To reduce this expensive network traffic, a new function was added to obtain all connection information in a single API call. This function is available for all client applications.

FairCom Server now supports a function that returns information for multiple connections in a single call. Prior to the availability of this function, a function call from the client to the Server was required for obtaining information about each connection of interest. This new approach greatly reduces network traffic.

Note: The caller must be a member of the ADMIN group; otherwise the function returns error LADM_ERR (589).

Version 1 structure:

/* Output data format for ctGetConnectionInfo() function: */

typedef struct ctconinf {

COUNT utaskid; /* internal task id */

COUNT uactflg; /* active request indicator */

LONG umemsum; /* user memory */

LONG ulogtim; /* logon time */

LONG ucurtim; /* current time */

LONG urqstim; /* time of last request */

LONG utrntim; /* time of last TRANBEG */

LONG unbrfil; /* number of open files */

LONG urqstfn; /* last request function # */

ULONG sipaddr; /* client IP address */

ULONG sip6addr[4]; /* client IPv6 address */

TEXT unodnam[32]; /* node ID information */

TEXT uname[32]; /* user id string */

TEXT ucominfo[32]; /* communication info */

TEXT urqst[32]; /* last request function name */


Return Values


Symbolic Constant




Successful operation.

See c-tree Plus Error Codes for a complete listing of valid c-tree Plus error values.


NINT rc,nconnect;

ctCONINF conninfo[32];

nconnect = 32;

if ((rc = ctGetConnectionInfo(ctCONINF_VERS_V01,conninfo,&nconnect))) {

printf("Error: %d\n", rc);

} else {

printf("Current number of connections: %d\n", nconnect);