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Replication State Statistics

(ctPSSreplread SNAPSHOT structure)

The following values are returned:

name lowlog curlog curpos

MASTER(SERVER) 1 4 2702686

REPLAGENT02 2 3 3830328

REPLAGENT 4 4 2702092


lowlog is the lowest numbered active transaction log.

curlog and curpos are the current log number and offset.

The first entry is always the source server's transaction log state. An additional entry is displayed for each Replication Agent that has registered with the source server.

For a Replication Agent, lowlog indicates the lowest-numbered transaction log that the agent requires to exist in the event that it needs to restart its scan from its current position. curlog and curpos indicate the Replication Agent's current position in reading the logs.

In the above example, note that the Replication Agent called REPLAGENT can be considered "up-to-date" because its current log and current position (curlog and curpos) match the last byte offset written to the log, curlog and lstpnt in the ctstat -vat output shown below:

lowlog curlog lstent lstpnt lstsuc tranno tfil

1 4 2702686 2702092 2697872 51806 17298