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FairCom ISAM for C

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UNIFRMAT support is only available for non-transaction processed files. An application will receive error FTYP_ERR (53) if it attempts to access a TRNLOG, PREIMG, or LOGIDX file.

The FairCom Server requires a specially generated executable to support UNIFRMAT. You must also relink client applications with the latest libraries. Older clients return CUNF_ERR (735) when connecting to a UNIFRMAT Server.

A special UNIFRMAT Server can only access files of the opposite flavor to the operating system. If a client attempts to access a native-format file, the Server returns error HDR8_ERR (672). For example, a UNIFRMAT Server for an Intel-based Linux machine (native LOW_HIGH format) can only access HIGH_LOW files.

A DODA is required for automatic data translation and index management if key segments include binary fields. See Automatic Mode.