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FairCom Defined Resources

FairCom uses resources to store file definitions in the data and index files. Generally, you will not refer directly to these resources. They are used by c-tree functions.

Note: If resources are disabled for a particular file, the following features cannot be used with that file.

IFIL Information

Incremental ISAM structure, (IFIL), information is stored as a Resource if a file is created with CreateIFile(). This information is used by OpenFileWithResource(), CloseRFile(), GetIFile(), and PermIIndex().

DODA and Record Schema

DODA (Data Object Definition Array) information, such as is used in FairCom’s r-tree product, can be stored in a file as a Resource with the PutDODA() function. GetDODA() can be used to retrieve this information. For more information, refer to Record Schemas.

File Security

The c-tree file security system depends on resources. If you have disabled resources for a given data or index file, you will not be able to use the security system with that file.

Padding and Delimiter Values

If you change the padding or key delimiter value for an index with SetVariableBytes(), the information is stored in the index as a resource.

Alternate Collating Sequence (ACS)

As described in ISAM Functions, you can specify an alternate collating sequence for an index. This information is stored as a resource in the index file.