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Resource Example

The following example demonstrates how to add a Resource, and then retrieve it.

Resource Example

struct { /* Resource Data Block structure */

ULONG resource_type;

ULONG resource_number;

TEXT variable_info[1016]; /* This holds the Resource Name and Data */

} my_resource;

my_resource.resource_type = 0x10001L; /* 65537*/

my_resource.resource_number = 0xffffffffL; /* c-tree assign # */


strcpy(my_resource.variable_info+12,"Actual Resource Data");

if (AddCtResource(datno,&my_resource,

(VRLEN)(8 + 12 + strlen(my_resource.variable_info+12))) == 0) {

printf("\nThe resource has been assigned number %ld",


printf("\nThe resource is located at byte offset %ld.",

GetCtResource(datno,"MY!resource", &my_resource,1024L,RES_NAME);

} else

printf("\nCould not add resource. Error #%d",uerr_cod);