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Admin-User Report -vau

The admin-user report, -vau user..., displays FairCom DB Server statistics for the specified users. All existing connections whose user ID match the specified user ID are displayed.


Below is a sample admin-user report produced by executing the command:

ctstat -vau GUEST -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -s FAIRCOMS -h 10

log function sec fil lok l%h %m dlock tid/uid/nodename

7s TRANEND 0 2 1 98 2 0 GUEST/10/

7s ADDREC 0 2 2 98 2 0 GUEST/12/

7s ADDREC 0 2 1 98 2 0 GUEST/13/

7s ADDREC 0 2 0 98 2 0 GUEST/14/

0s ctSNAPSHOT 0 2 0 0 0 0 ADMIN/15/ctstat

7s ADDREC 0 2 0 98 2 0 GUEST/17/

The columns shown in this report are described as follows:

log Total logon time for client

function Function client is currently executing

sec Current function request time

fil Current number of files open by this client

lok Current number of locks held by this client

l%h Lock hit rate for this client

%m Lock miss rate for this client

dlock Number of deadlocks detected for this client

tid/uid/nodename Server thread ID/User ID/Node name for this client