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FairCom ISAM for C

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Sample Programs

The best way to learn how to use FairCom DB is to examine programs that use it. We have created two series of sample applications to help you understand how to apply what we have shown you in this guide so far.

We start with a series of very simple applications that begins with a basic file maintenance program, and then builds until we have a more sophisticated program. We have tried to keep the non FairCom DB material to a minimum. We have briefly introduced these sample programs in the beginning of Using Low-Level Functions and “ISAM Functions (ISAM Database Technology, /doc/ctreeplus/30841.htm)”.

The programs in the second series are more complex, and illustrate many advanced features. Some of the non FairCom DB material is a bit more sophisticated as well. They will take more study on your part, but the understanding that you gain is well worth the effort. These programs are used in various places throughout this guide.

See the Sample Programs in the ISAM section of this documentation for ISAM versions of these programs.

In This Chapter

Simple Applications

Simple File Maintenance

Same Application with ISAM Functions

Using Incremental ISAM Structures

File Searches and Sets

Scanning, Updating, Deleting

Windows-Specific Samples

Sample Programs