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FairCom DB Standalone provides support for Unicode. This support includes:

  • Storing Unicode data
  • Indexing Unicode data
  • Recognizing Unicode file names

This support is in addition to our ordinary string support, not an either/or approach.

Additionally, FairCom DB Standalone provides extended key segment support, which will allow support for other types of complex key segments in the future.

When building your FairCom DB Standalone library, you are prompted whether to include Unicode support, similar to the following:

---- FairCom c-tree Plus UniCode Support ----

This version of c-tree Plus provides support for UNICODE field types.

Do you want to support UniCode field types? (Y)es (N)o (D)efaults- [N]:

Simply choose “Y”es to include this support.

Learn More

FairCom DB Standalone handles Unicode exactly the same as it is handled by FairCom DB. You can learn more in the Unicode chapter of the FairCom ISAM for C Developer Guide.

  • Note: There are a number of locations within the FairCom documentation where additional information may be included for use with the FairCom DB Server. This information can be ignored if you are using the FairCom DB Standalone models.

    References to "Mirrored File Names" in the Unicode chapters are not available in the FairCom DB Standalone models.

    Also note references to SQL support in this book require either the use of the optional FairCom DB Standalone SQL Service package, or use of the FairCom DB Server engine.

In This Chapter

Unicode Concepts

Unicode default charset for SQL CHAR and VARCHAR changed from US-ASCII to ISO-8859-1


Storing Unicode Data

Unicode Key Segments

Unicode File Names