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Notification Queue Message Format

A notification message always starts with a fixed portion followed by an optional variable-length region.

The fixed portion is made by the ctNOTBLK structure defined in ctport.h:

typedef struct notblk {

ULONG action; /* actual opcode */

LONG actor; /* thread ID */

LONG tranhw; /* transaction # HW */

LONG tranlw; /* transaction # LW */

LONG opcode; /* requested opcodes */

LONG objhandle; /* requested (user) handle */

LONG idxmemno; /* index member number */

ULONG contents; /* actual contents bit map */

ULONG controls; /* requested controls bit map */

LONG datahw; /* data HW (eg rec pos) */

LONG datalw; /* data LW */

LONG auxdhw; /* auxilary info HW (eg old pos) */

LONG auxdlw; /* auxilary info LW */

ULONG varlen; /* remaining length (if any) */

} ctNOTBLK, * pctNOTBLK;

The contents member determines what is in the variable-length region and should be the same used in the ctNotify() call.

The variable-length portion may contain the following items, depending on the options specified in the contents parameter to ctNotify():

  1. key values (present if ctNT_CON_UNQKEY OR-ed in contents),
  2. actor node name (present if ctNT_CON_NODNAM OR-ed in contents),
  3. full record image (present if ctNT_CON_RECBUF OR-ed in contents)

These items always appear in this order, even if not all are specified to be returned.

In This Section

Fixed Portion of Notification Queue Message

Optional Key Values

Optional Actor Node Name

Optional Full Record Image