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Optional Key Values

If the contents member of the ctNOTBLK contains ctNT_CON_UNQKEY, the notification message contains in the variable portion, just after the ctNOTBLK, information about the unique key generated. The information is stored in this way:

FILNO rkeyno;

COUNT keylen;

TEXT key[]; /* buffer of keylen bytes */

If action is ctNT_RWTREC there is an additional field

TEXT oldkey[]; /* buffer of keylen bytes */

  • rkeyno is the index number, starting from 1 relative to the data file (1 is the first index, 2 the second index...). It is set to 0 if there is no unique index.
  • keylen is the length of the key.
  • key is a buffer of keylen bytes containing the key stored now in the index file.
  • oldkey is a buffer of keylen bytes containing the old key stored in the index file before an update, whether or not the key changed.