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Disk Full Detection

The Disk Full feature offers three levels of control over disk full checks:

  • The DISK_FULL_LIMIT keyword provides checking on all files.
  • The volume-specific limit overrides the system-wide limit.
  • The file-specific check overrides the system-wide and volume-specific checks.

If extending the size of the file would leave less than the specified threshold, then the write operation causing the file extension fails, returning SAVL_ERR (583).

Note the following issues related to this feature:

  • FairCom Servers that do not support this feature ignore the DISK_FULL_LIMIT keyword. This feature is currently limited to Windows and Unix platforms. (However, this changes over time, so check with your nearest FairCom office for current supported platforms.)
  • In non-server models, test the disk full condition by setting the global ULONG ct_disklmt to the threshold value.
  • In the bound server model, set the disk full threshold in the disklmt member of the configuration structure.
  • If a file is mirrored, the check is performed only for the primary file.

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