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Sets if the dictionary is created in a superfile (default) or in a standard, system file. By default, dictionaries are created in superfiles.


CTDBRET ctdbDECL ctdbSetDictInSuperfile(CTHANDLE Handle, CTBOOL superfile)


c-treeDB API now has the capability to create session and database dictionaries as regular tables instead of superfiles. When using this feature, c-treeDB API now creates a directory named the same as the superfile was named. The dictionary tables are created as regular files inside the directory.

  • The session dictionary is created as ctdbdict.fsd\ctdbdict.dat ctdbdict.fsd\ctdbdict.idx
  • The database dictionary is created as <databasename>.fdd\ctdbdict.dat and <databasename>.fdd\ctdbdict.idx

To use this new capability, call this function prior to creating the session or the database:

ctdbSetDictInSuperfile() (ctdbSetDictInSuperfile, ctdbSetDictInSuperfile)

The handle must be a session handle when creating a session and a database handle when creating a database.

  • Handle [IN] - Session or Database handle. When passing a Database handle, the setting applies only to the Database.
  • superfile [IN] - YES: use superfile; NO: do not use superfile


Return CTDBRET_OK on success.