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Retrieve the field length (the defined size of the field).


VRLEN ctdbGetFieldLength(CTHANDLE Handle)


ctdbGetFieldLength() retrieves the field length, given a field handle. This is the defined size of the field in the table definition. To get this information given a record handle and a field number, use ctdbGetFieldSize(). To get the actual number of bytes being consumed by the data in a single field, in a single record (row) from a table, use ctdbGetFieldDataLength().

  • Handle [in] the Field Handle. This must be a field handle, and not any other handle type.


ctdbGetFieldLength() returns the field length, or -1 on failure

See also

ctdbAllocField(), ctdbGetFieldNumber(), ctdbGetFieldName(), ctdbGetFieldType(), ctdbGetFieldLength(), ctdbSetFieldLength()