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Drop a table from a database and delete its data and index files from disk.


CTDBRET ctdbDeleteTable(CTHANDLE Handle, pTEXT TableName, pTEXT Password)


ctdbDeleteTable() drops the table from the database and deletes the table data and index files from disk. This function should be used with care, since it will remove from disk the data and index file(s) associated with the specified table. Note that active/open tables must be closed before they can be deleted with this function (see ctdbCloseTable()).

  • Handle [in] the handle of the database that contains the table to be deleted.
  • TableName [in] the name of the table to be deleted.
  • Password [in] the table password. NULL if the table was created w/o a password.

Use ctdbAddTable() to add a table to a database. Use ctdbDropTable() to drop the table from the database but not delete the table files from disk.

Note: ctdbDeleteTable() is for use within a CTDB or SQL session. For a CTREE session, you must use ctdbRemoveTable(). See also Allocating a Session Handle.


ctdbDeleteTable() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or the c-tree error code on failure.


eRet=ctdbConnect(hDatabase, database_name);

eRet = ctdbDeleteTable(hDatabase, table_name, NULL);

See also

ctdbAddTable(), ctdbDropTable(), ctdbAllocDatabase()