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How to Specify a Unicode Key Segment

An ordinary c-treeDB API key segment is defined by a field handle and mode. c-treeDB API also allows the specification of a key segment using an offset, length, and mode.

In the following example, since the segment mode is CTSEG_SCHSEG, and if hField is a handle of a field whose type is one of the Unicode field types CT_FUNICODE, CT_F2UNICODE, CT_UNICODE or CT_2UNICODE, then c-treeDB API will understand this is a Unicode key segment.

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Specifing a Unicode Key Segment C Example

hField = ctdbAddField(hTable, "customer", CT_FUNICODE, 40);

if ((ctdbAddSegment(hIndex, hField, CTSEG_SCHSEG) == NULL)

printf("ctdbAddSegment failed with error %d\n", ctdbGetError(hIndex));