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Activating c-treeDB API Unicode support

Unicode support is currently available for any client when connecting to the c-tree Server for Windows or Mac OS X and for FairCom DB Standalone libraries under Windows or Mac OS X. For client operation, ensure you install the c-tree Server for Windows or Mac OS X WITH Unicode support.

When building the FairCom DB libraries, execute mtmake with the "u" flag

mtmake u

to prepare the library for Unicode support. Standalone and client builds need the ICU libraries from the ICU web site, as described in next chapter.

c-treeDB API C and C++ Unicode support is activated by defining macro ctdbUNICODE. ctdbUNICODE is activated automatically when ctUNICODE is selected with the mtmake build utility:

---- FairCom c-tree Plus UniCode Support ----

This version of c-tree Plus provides support for UNICODE field types.

Do you want to support UniCode field types? (Y)es (N)o (D)efaults- [N]: y