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c-treeDB API API for C

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Callback Function Type

Every c-treeDB API callback function must be a function that returns CTDBRET and takes a CTHANDLE parameter. The following typedef declares the function callback type:

typedef CTDBRET (ctdbDECL* ctdbCallbackFunc)(CTHANDLE Handle);

When implementing callbacks you need to create your callback functions with the same type of ctdbCallbackFunc. Below is an example of a c-treeDB API session logon callback.

c-treeDB API C API Example

CTDBRET ctdbDECL OnSessionLogon(CTHANDLE Handle)



printf("Server: %s\n", pSession->server_name);

printf("User: %s\n", pSession->user_name);

printf("Password: %s\n", pSession->user_password);


Please refer to the Callback Types section below for more information on each available callback type.